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The True Meaning of Martial Arts

Martial Arts attempt to instill in its practitioners a sense of morality, dignity, and self-respect, along with physical development and mental well-being. Regardless of the practitioner's age, Martial Arts' true spirit enables one to develop respect for his/her fellow man regardless of their station, respect for one's self through physical and mental growth, and most importantly, develops perfection of character.

A martial artist's physical strength and mental energy is sustained by a sense of pride, self-respect and inner-peace. Our real goal is to conquer our fears, to know true honor and to develop the courage to refuse failure. The respect we seek is our own. The victory that we seek is to conquer ourselves.

A martial artist's constant pursuit is directed toward the perfect control of both mind and body. The whole attitude should be based on peace and harmony with others.

A martial artist is never boastful, yet is always respectful to others. A martial artist is no saint. The saint is born; he is what he is, while the martial artist becomes what he is through self-discipline. According to the ancient sages, it is said that, "Perhaps others can do it the first time, I must do it ten times. Perhaps others can do it the tenth time, I must do it a thousand times. But he who really has the perseverance to go this way, be he foolish, he will become clearheaded; be he weak, he will become strong."

Remember, the true spirit of the martial artist is to be "strong enough to be gentle."